Friday, March 2, 2012

Save Money On Water

Save Money On Water

Are you buying bottled water at the supermarket because your tap water tastes like crap? I was.

Did you know that you can get great tasting (in some cases name brand) water OUTSIDE that same supermarket for pennies on the dollar?

Look for the water machines outside your local supermarket. I currently fill a 3 gallon reusable bottle for 75 cents...or 90 cents in other neighborhoods. It takes just a little effort, but it's worth it. And it's green because you are using the same container over and over again.

It's a WIN WIN for everyone!!! Except maybe for the companies who willingly provide us with our own natural resource at a ridiculously inflated price. If you're going to cry a tear for them, then maybe you understand the value of labeling.
I don't.

It's nice to save on water, right?

because every little bit helps,
Carole Tee

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