Friday, March 2, 2012

Refill Printer Ink For Cheap

Save Money On Ink

You can save on ink by refilling your own printer cartridges. Have you ever wondered why inkjet printers are so inexpensive? The answer is simple: it's so the printer manufacturers can rope you into unhappily ever after buying their printer ink at bloated prices. Or at least until you know how you can refill your own cartridges with printer ink for cheap.

I've been doing this for my inkjet printer for about a year and a half. As an eBay seller, I go through a lot of ink to print postage labels and, in this economy, it has been great to be able to refill my own ink cartridges for mere pennies.
I buy my black ink on eBay, usually for around two bucks including shipping but you can do this for colored ink as well. That usually includes a bottle of ink, (which fills the cartridge about three times), a syringe and a plastic glove.

How simple is it? Basically I:

Peel back the little paper backing on the printerSuck up a syringe of ink, paying attention to the amount neededFill the cartridgeTape the paper backing back over the holeLet the printer cartridge sit for about 15 minutes so it settles.

Done ~ I refilled my printer ink for cheap, and I didn't even have to leave the house!

You do need to know which cartridge hole(s) to fill and this varies between brands and models. Many eBay sellers of printer ink have websites that include exact instructions for your specific printer ink and they will direct you there when you purchase from them.

It's nice to save on ink, right?

Tip: Make sure you eject the ink into the cartridge slowly. Ejecting the ink too fast will cause it to run over and you might think that the cartridge is full when it's not.

because every little bit helps,

Carole Tee

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