Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindle eBook Mechanical Turk Guide

I have just published my first Kindle eBook on Amazon. Well, it's actually more of an e-report. Anyway, it's a starter guide for making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk. If you don't have a Kindle, no problem. You can download (FOR FREE) a version of the Kindle for your PC, MAC, Tablet or phone with the FREE Kindle reading apps from FREE KINDLE READING APPS.

My eBook is an informative, quick and easy read: WILL TURK FOR FOOD - Finding work on Mechanical Turk.

I wrote it because when I first started making money on Mturk, I couldn't find a user guide. I found written materials for the requesters, but none for the turkers themselves.

I think my cover rocks:

so I must thank my graphic artist, Sandra Riffero for the brilliant artwork. Sandra can be reached through her blog: INSIDE THE ARTIST'S MIND.

I hope this guide helps out newbies or people struggling to make money with Mechanical Turk. It can be done - but is just a little tricky to figure out.

Question or comments about my Kindle ebook? Please tell me your thoughts below.

Because every little bit helps...

Carole Tee